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Mirror Photo Booth Rentals

Guests can interact with the mirror and create a variety of fun images before taking away their own printed picture creations.

What’s more, the technology behind the interactive touch screen is so advanced that it communicates with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.

The A.S.C. Mirror Me Booth is a leading-edge photo booth technology, it doesn’t just take photos but also allows your guests to add graphics and branding to every photo captured.

One of the most exciting features of the A.S.C. Mirror Me Booth is the optional built-in Signing & Stamping Feature. Guests love having the ability to personalize their keepsake with this unique and interactive feature.

With the chance to print personalized images, every guest can walk away with their very own keepsake from the event.

And with no limit on the number of photos you and yours can take – the fun really doesn’t have to stop.



Our professional photo booth attendant is also on site to help your guests feel more comfortable and help them to find the light and ensure that they walk away with beautifully lit pictures that will have every guest feeling and looking like a star.
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